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Resist your Mist! A Scrapbooking DIY.

DO you like to try new techniques in your scrapbooking? Here's a fun technique I tried the other day- Spraying mists over rub-ons or crayons.
The mists will resist your rub-ons, so you can just wipe off the extra. :)
Supplies: Paper, Spray Mists, (I used some by Tattered Angels.) Rub-ons, White crayons, Paper Towel

1. Apply your rub-on to your paper.
2. Instead of rub-ons you can also doodle on your paper with a white crayon.
3. Spray mists on top of it it.
4. The spray mists wont stick to the rub-ons, so use a paper towel, and wipe the mists off the rub-on and crayons.
5. I sprayed another color of mist as well.
and then wiped it off of the rub on and crayon.
Here's another rub-on I did..
I also doodled ontop of my rub-on with sharpies.

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