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Paracord Key Chain DIY

Let's just say that you're camping and you forgot to bring rope to tie something down, wouldn't it be great if you magically had 10 feet of rope on your keychain?

Paracord was originally designed for parachutes during world war 2, so it will hold up to 550 pounds before  breaking. You may have seen different survival bracelets or key chains around the internet, this is alot like those.

I made a couple of these for my dad for Christmas. :) 
10' of Paracord 550. (I got mine from this etsy shop.)
Key Ring
Candle or Lighter
Note: You want to pull them through so that you have about 5 inches between your knot and your keychain.
Now whenever you suddenly need 10 feet of rope, just unwrap your keychain and voila!
Another cool way to use paracord is to make a survival bracelet. Here's a good tutorial for one..
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