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Make an Ear Cuff- DIY

Whether you are making these as a few last minute Christmas presents, or just making a couple for yourself, Ear cuffs are quick and easy to make. And you don't have to have pierced ears to wear them. ;)

I made a few for my mom and sister, who are allergic to regular earrings so they don't have pierced ears. Anyway, here's the tutorial.
Have you ever made any ear cuffs? You can keep them simple, are wire in embellishments, do some fancy swirls, etc. There are quite a few on Etsy too, Here are some of my favorites--

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  1. Oh my word...these are amazing! I love ear cuffs so much but I never thought of making them! ^^ I'm so excited to try this out!


  2. Those look great! What a cool project.

  3. i LOVE this but how do you wrap it around your ear??

  4. Thanks!

    Camille- wrapping it around the sharpie gives it the right shape, and then you just slide it onto your ear.
    If it doesn't quite fit your ear, the wire is bendable, so you can adjust it a little bit. Hope that helps!

  5. Ah- May- Zing!!! I'm ABSOLUTELY trying this!!

  6. These's are gorgeous! Where do you get your Supplies?


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