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Fabric Ruffle Pouch DIY

I got a request from Dita at Handmade Nest asking me how to sew a zipper pouch with a fabric ruffle on it! So here it it.. enjoy :)
I will just admit it, I am terrible at trying to explain how to sew a zipper. Usually when I'm sewing zippers, I'm griping at it because it's all rumpled, or I didn't do something right. This time though, it turned out pretty well.

Make one using this tutorial?? I'd l-o-v-e to see yours! Leave me a link to a picture!
What about you? Do you have any tutorial requests??
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  1. so cute! maybe you could do a headband/wrap tutorial using this kind of ruffle?

  2. Aw! Great! I link you back on my post, Katie! Promoted!

  3. a very nice DIY :) I love all kinds of pouches! :)

  4. I want a tutorial for the turtle !! Love it :)

  5. Here's the tutorial for the turtle pin cushion:

  6. This is so cool!

    I made one too -

  7. @Esthermarypots, that is soo cute! You did a wonderful job, I love that bike fabric! :)


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