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Make it Monday

Good Morning! How was your weekend?? Here's a few things I did this weekend.. we went mountain biking, finished up some Christmas presents, went mountain biking again (the weather is just so perfect!), bought new tennis shoes (I should take a picture of them, they are pretty sweet. haha), etc.

Anyways, it's Monday, so here is today's roundup of fun projects!
These Felt Birds are so beautiful, You could use them as Christmas Ornaments or just use them to decorate the house. Get the DIY here.
These Suede Feather Earrings are adorable! Here's the tutorial.
Do you have a Blythe Doll, or another doll with a doll house? Make this recycled dresser using this tutorial-

What crafts have you been working on? Comment and tell me about it! :)
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  1. I definitely am going to make the simple "I ♥ U" from painted stone. Thanks for sharing!



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