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What's up in the blog world?

Since I'm finally back and settled in after our awesome trip down the east coast (I need to write a blog post about it, just haven't done it yet!) I want to see what's been happening in the blog world while I was gone.

I will probably going through all my favorite blogs archives reading what they've posted, But I want to know what my blog readers have been up to/crafting as well! Sooo, I had an idea, Pick one (or more!) of your favorite projects that you've done in the past month, and link them to Mr. Linky below and I will go check them  out and comment on them! :)

(I've never used mister linky before, so I hope it works. If you are having trouble with him, just leave a comment!)

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  1. I just linked mine. I hope your Mr. Linky works. :D

    Here's what I did...

  2. I left you three links, but I am not sure I am liking Mr. Linky. We shall see.
    Glad your trip was fab!! I kept up with your sojourn on the trip blog.

  3. I tried to add my halloween pages I did at the fair. if they didn't sent right, I'm a little new at this linking process. :)

  4. Thanks you guys! I left a comment on ya'lls blog.
    Mary Kay- Love your layout! I always like halloween layouts. :)


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