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Felt Mask DIY

Do you have any fun plans for Halloween? I don't think we do, but I guest posted on Kellie's blog last year with this fun DIY for a Felt Halloween Mask, so I just thought I would share it here this year.
How to make a mask:

Tools and Supplies: Felt and Fabric, Ribbon/RicRac, Sewing Machine
1. Cut your mask shape out of felt.
2. Cut a strip of black fabric or felt, cut zigzags into it, and sew onto the top of your mask.
3. Sew a few stitches to give your mask some character. :)
4. Attach your straps. I cut my RicRac straps 20" long so that there would be plenty of it to tie.
and thats it! Now you have a super easy and fun costume to wear.
(Halloween photoshoots are super fun too.)
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