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Easy Halloween Invites

Have a Halloween party coming up? Make it memorable from the get-go with these unique and super easy invitations.


Cardstock and patterned paper

Transparency Sheets

Flower Stamps

Leftover/mismatched letter stickers and rub-ons.

Additional embellishments (optional)

Tools: Pens and pencils


Sharpies, or paint pens

Sewing machine and/or needle and thread

To make the base invitations, cut cardstock to 5 1/2" x 4". Mat a smaller piece of brightly colored paper to the front of the invitation.

Turn Flowers into pumpkins and Use up leftover rub-on letters!
1. Use your old and dusty (ha! mine were dusty) flower stamps to create pumpkins by inking in orange, and stamping onto white cardstock.

2. Cut out the pumpkins and mat onto a darker paper. Cut out again.

3. Adhere to invitations. Pull out your old rub-on letters and cut these up to create stems and vines and apple to pumpkin accents.
4. Add party details and doodle around the edges and embellish!

Spin a web with a cool handmade transparency!

1. Cut a piece of transparency the same size as the colored mat on the invitation base.

2. Using sharpies or paint pens, draw spider webs onto the transparency.
3. Stitch the transparency to the invitation at the TOP EDGE ONLY.
4. Add a spider die cut or sticker to the transparency web. Flip the web up and add the event details underneath.

5. Doodle and embellish the invitation and get ready to party!
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