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The crazy things I did on our trip..

Went hang gliding.
Walked over 40 blocks in the pouring rain through NYC.
Held a cute baby gator.
Swam with Dolphins.

Haha, Think I'm crazy now? Oh, and while we were snorkeling in Key Largo a shark swam under us.. It was pretty awesome!

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  1. I think swimming with dolphins would be awesome! Sharks and gators... not so much. I'd love to hang glide too, but I think I'd chicken out before we actually took off. Looks like an awesome trip though!

  2. That sounds like a pretty amazing trip! I have always wanted to swim with dolphins...(: Sharks are kinda scary, though, haha.


  3. I would love to try hang gliding! It looks awesome.

  4. Now, I can say I have done the swim with the dolphins Key Largo program, held an Alligator, but never went hang gliding. You have one up on me. Good job with the photos!!

  5. Thanks guys!! I have to say, I think hang gliding might have been the best. :)


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