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Make a fun Book Table with Athena!

Hello, I am Athena Nagel from The Stuff Of Success (here) and I am so excited to be guest blogging on Punk Projects.  I am the proud mom of five kids (two are grown young men)and married to a supportive loving husband.  My site is dedicated to accidental learning opportunities for my children and their varied special needs, crafts, life and all the surprises that are thrown at us.  My projects vary based on the time of year but I love kid/family crafts, my power tools, paint, E6000 glue, my sewing machine and duct tape.  My site and the associated projects allow me strong quality bonding time with my kids and family and I am proud of the results.  Today's feature will be transforming a book into a table.  Enjoy... 

This project was fun.  I bought this very large book at a thrift store and only bought it because of its size and sturdiness.  I actually wanted to make it into a little bench (I would give you more details but I still may do this with another book and don't want to ruin the surprise).  But, my husband intervened and felt strongly that it would be a terrible crime to do that to a book.  We came to a happy medium - the book is still a useful book but it is also now a table. 

Start with a large sturdy book...

Purchase one of those cheap wooden round tables that always find their ways to thrift stores.  You can do it with one table but I had two and wanted this table to have four legs - so I used one leg and it's bracket from a second table. (The photo is missing the fourth leg - oops).

Trace the shape and size of the book onto the circle and cut everything outside your tracing off - leaving me in my case with a nice rectangle.  Sand the edges of the portion you are keeping.

Start priming then painting - this is my daughter's job on this project.  She would be perfectly happy using the circular saw - but not just yet, she will have to wait on that one.  But primer and paint are right up her alley - and she dresses the part don't you think?

Ordinarily we would paint outside but it is getting dark out and it is supposed to rain - forcing us to do this in the garage because neither she nor I are patient enough to wait for sunshine.

I didn't bother with the pre-existing holes since this is the underside and I doubt someone will really care about them once the project is complete.

Then flip the rectangular board over and glue the back of the book onto the unpainted side of the board making sure to glue it so the book is still able to be opened properly.

Naturally I used E6000 glue for that task.  Once the glue has dried, flip it back over, add the brackets, then add the legs - making sure the brackets are all attached so the legs lean outwards from top to bottom (the brackets are angled).

And there you have it - a book table.  Still functional as a book but with added functionality as a table for a total of $5 plus paint and primer.

Afterwards I added a bracket underneath and cut one of the remaining legs in half allowing for a slide to come out from underneath to the left to support the book when it is open and the binding doesn't get ruined.  When not reading the book, the slide hides underneath so it can be used as a table.  This table is quite popular in our home and has lived in several locations - kid's rooms, by the piano in the living room and it's current location is beside the microwave cart in the kitchen for the kids to place their prized possessions on.  An added bonus is this book is very colorful and attracts my kids to it for viewing and reading.  With special needs children I welcome every opportunity to interest them.

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