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Craft Fair Display Ideas with Marci from Dreaming in Craft

Hi!  I'm marci from Dreaming in Craft.  I also write a blog called It's Always Something.  I opened Dreaming in Craft earlier this year to sell my crafts.  I started out selling at local craft markets.  In November I will be participating in a holiday craft show so I have been spending a lot of time researching and preparing myself for my first big show.  I have also been working like crazy to fill my first consignment orders.

In all of the craziness with markets, shows and consignment I have had to come up with ways to display my items.  One of the things I love to use for displays is picture frames.  You can do so much with them!

I needed a way to display my felt pins for a craft market so I made this magnetic fabric picture frame.  It worked great!

I needed to make a sign for Dreaming in Craft for one of the consignment stores so I got a picture frame and made a cute fabric sign.  It has my logo in the center and then some felt clouds to match the logo.  I love the way it turned out.  I'm going to make one for my craft show booth, too!

People get so creative with picture frames!  This person used a frame to display their earrings.

The possibilities seem endless!  Do you have any creative ways to display your crafts?

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