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Make a Bottle Cap Necklace with Veronic and the Lucky 7 Factory!

Hi everyone!
It's Veronic, I'm one of the owners of the Lucky 7 Factory. A scrapbook business based in Quebec, Canada.
Today I'll teach you a super easy project- A necklace made out of a beer/bottle cap, an old chain and scrap paper.
You can work with everything to make your necklace your own.
I'll teach you the project my way, but feel free to create and change!

You'll need:
Scrap paper
Old chain
Bottle/Beer Cap
Glossy Accent- (A clear Drying glue)
Crop-O-dile or Nail and hammer
Malleable metal wire
Shrink plastic
Adirondack alcohol Ink
. First, with your Crop-O-Dile, make a hole in your beer cap. If you don't have a Crop-O-Dile, use a nail and a hammer.
And your hole.
Next, in your scrap paper cut a circle that fit your beer cap. For my necklace I inked my circle.
Stick your circle with glossy in your beer cap.
Now, with your Stickles, do the contour of your circle.
Let it dry all night.
In mine, i wrote: Dream. You can change the word or put some flowers, or everything you want.
Than i ink with Alcohol ink of Ranger, my shrink plastic.
Then i glue my cloud with my glossy Accent on my word Dream.
To make sure nothing will move, i cover all the beer cap with glossy.
And i night

Now, cut your wire.
And make a loop in your hole in your beer cap
Easy, no?
You just have to pass your chain in your loop and you'll have one little girl or you..happy!

Since, this one is for my daughter, I didn't work with small things or flowers. But, if you make the necklace for a grown up you can use more "precious" things.

Have fun!
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