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Etsy Favorites with Just Because by LeeLee

Hey Punk Project Readers! 
My name is LeeLee and I am one Katie's Sponsors this month! I blog over at Just Because where I share my adventures, music I love and things I love. While Katie is away, I would like to share my favorite items on Etsy. I wish I had extra money to buy them, meanwhile I just save them on my etsy shop account and daydream about them! ^^

Unicorn Shoes from Em&Sprout 

 Hello Kitty Glasses from Guilty Free Candy

Upcycled Tape Measuring Earrings from I Am The Mandy

 Asymmetrical Vogue Tshirt by Carolina Benoit

 Egg Headband from Rubbishtees 

I have more favorite Items, check out me profile here.

I am currently on vacation mode on my shop- 3 months off to Spain, I am still blogging though!  Come join me on my pretty awesome adventures in Barcelona, Spain! Katie, thanks for letting me guest post here and I hope you and your friends have an awesome trip! 

Thanks for Reading! 

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