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DIY Fluffy Fabric Flowers with Alla

Hello crafty Punk Project readers! I am Alla, who is behind this blog and this shop. Here in Norway, we really appreciate summer and especially those rare sunny days. Although the the trees and grass are starting to turn yellow already here in the Arctic, I am still in a summer flower mood! :) For that reason, I wanted to show you how to surround yourself with the flowers, regardless the season outside.

For this simple tutorial you will need: 30 cm (12 in) of fabric for the bigger flowers, 25 (10in) cm of fabric for the smaller flowers, ribbon, button, thread, needle.

First, draw the flowers on a cardboard or paper, ca 7x7 cm (2.8in) the bigger ones; 6x6cm (2.4in) the smaller ones. Then cut out 4 big flowers and 4 small ones. For the smaller ones I used 2 different fabrics to give my flower more colors.

Using a thread and a needle, lay down the stitch in the middle of the pattern and then by pulling the thread, gather the fabric. Sew all four flowers together with the gathered parts touching each other.

Repeat the same with the smaller part and then sew the bigger ones and the smaller ones together. Add a ribbon bow and the button.

You can decorate the variety of different things with this flower: scrapbooking pages, postcards, gifts, hairbands and so much more. I am very excited to see your ideas about it. Please feel free to contact me with your pictures and tips ;)

Have a great week everyone!
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