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Coming this Fall on Punk Projects

1. Autumn is my favorite season and I have so many fun tutorials coming this fall! Here's a sneaky peek. :)
2. Punk Projects will also have some guest posts from some amazing bloggers, including Just Because by LeeLee, The Lucky 7 Factory, Green Stitch, The Stuff of Success, and more!
(If you're interested in guestposting on Punk Projects this Autumn, check out this post.)
3. Can you believe that there is LESS THAN A WEEK until our cycling trip from Maine to Florida! I'm so excited, I'm ready to do this already!!
If you want to keep up with my family and I on our trip, check out our 'Clam Chowder to Key Lime Pie' blog where we will be posting updates about our adventures along the east coast!
(This is a pic of my bike from the day I got it- Since then, I've added a pink seat cover, pink fenders, aero bars, etc. I need to take an updated picture of it!)
4. It's also time to start looking for September Sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring Punk Projects, Check out this page. (I will be posting a sponsor call tomorrow!)

xo, Katie
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