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Recycled Clue Game Mini Album DIY

So I made this super cute mini album (and I created a tutorial for you guys) however, I have to admit, it wasn't my idea. We were just going to throw our old clue game into the recycle bin and Taylor (my sister) suggested that I make a mini album out of it.
So that's where this AWESOME idea came from.. :)
1. Cut the 'Rooms' out of your board game.
2. Punch holes in one side of all the rooms.
3. Sand and ink the edges.
4. Bind. (I just used some twine.)
5. Add pictures.
I attached the "confidential" envelope to the cover and added 3 cards inside, just like if you were playing Clue.
Here's a little collage of all my pages, I used pictures from a nerd photoshoot that Taylor and I did..
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