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Car Book Holder DIY

I don't know about you, but I'm a serious book worm. I love reading.
However since we are going to be taking a long road trip/cycling trip, our truck will be packed full and there won't be alot of room for books. (especially not the giant stack I have sitting next to my bed, haha)

I was going to shove some books underneath my seat for our trip, but my dad informed me he already had plans for that spot, so I decided that the back of the drivers seat was empty, and I just needed a good way to put my books there..  So, Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a Book Holder for the back of the seat, or your could just use it a car organizer if you don't like to read.
Tools and Supplies:
1 yd of cute fabric, 1 button, pins, Ribbon (optional)
Sewing machine, needle and thread.

1. Measure the back of your seat to see what size your book holder should be. Mine is 12" x 12".
2. According to your measurements, cut 3 pieces of fabric that size. (example- I cut 3 12" x 12" pieces of fabric)
3. Fold one of your pieces of fabric in half (right side out) and place it on the bottom half of one of your other pieces with the folded edge up.
This becomes the 'Pencil Pocket' and the front piece of your book holder.
4. Placing a few pencils/pens on your pocket sketch lines where you will need to sew.
5. Pin your pocket onto your front piece.
6. Sew your pocket to the front piece by stitching along the side and bottoms edges of your pocket.
Also sew down the lines you sketched onto your pocket.
Now your pocket should be sewn to your front piece.
7. Hem the top edge of your front & back pieces.
8. Now you need to either cut four 8" piecie of ribbon OR make your own fabric straps and make 4 of them.
There are some great tutorials on line for making your own fabric straps, like these here, and here.

9. Take 2 of your ribbon pieces/fabric straps and place them on the top edge of your back piece, about 3" from the side. Sew them on.
Repeat with your other 2 straps, placing them about 3" from the other side, and sew them on
10. Now you will need to measure AROUND your car seat starting at the back going around to the front, and back to the back. Cut a piece of ribbon or fabric strap that length.

11, Now it's time to sew the whole thing together- Place your long ribbon/strap (the one you just cut) ontop of your front piece, letting 1 edge of it hang a little bit off the side of the front piece. (see pic below)
Now place your back piece ontop of it, FACING the front piece.
Pin it.
12. Sew the side and bottom edges (be sure to leave the top OPEN!)
13. Flip right side out!
14. Sew a button on the opposite side of your book holder from where the long fabric strap/ribbon is, and cut a button hole in the end of that fabric strap/ribbon.
Now you just have to put it on your seat! Tie the top 4 straps to the headrest, and wrap the long ribbon/fabric strap all the way around the seat to your button.
Voila! Now I have a place to store all of my books on our long trip.
After I made mine, my sister saw it and decided that she needed one, so here is hers.
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