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New Blog Design

As you may have noticed, I redesigned the blog. I was just getting tired of the old look-- What do you think?  Be sure to click around, I redesigned the 'About Me' page and the 'Sponsor' page too.
So, do you like the new design? What's your favorite part- the Banner? Background? I'd love to know what you think!! Also, I've gotten a few new followers lately-- Welcome! : )
xo, Katie
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  1. it doesn't seem to let me got to the main page without going back to my dashboard. bummerlicious!
    oh, have you seen the craft from sewmuch2love yet????? You are soooooooooo gonna love it times 12!!! If I don't win it, I am gonna have a fit!! ;-)

  2. I love the banner and the woodgrain background!

  3. I like this a lot. Love the woodgrain!

  4. I love it! The woodgrain is less busy than the last one. I love the new picture of you too! Banner is sweet! =) yeah for the redo!

  5. Your new layout looks FANTASTIC! Did you create it yourself? You are so darn creative

  6. so lovely!!!!!! i will see it when the whole photobucket incident is over!!! :s.


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