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Guest Post with Marci- Inspiring Plushie Artists!

[Thank you Marci for guest blogging! - Katie]

Hello!  My name is marci.  I write a blog called It's Always Something and own a craft business called Dreaming in Craft.  I'm so excited to share one of my favorite things with you today.  I love a lot of different crafts but my real crafty passion is making plushies.

The first plushie I ever designed was Seymour the monster. 
I was hooked as soon as I finished him!  Now I try to think of how I can turn pretty much anything I can think of into a plushie.  I have learned a lot from designing my own plushies.  My sewing skills have improved so much!  I used to be intimidated by hand stitching and now I think I prefer it to machine sewing. 
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite plushie makers with you.  Of course there are the obvious favorites that I'm sure most plushie makers look up to: My Paper Crane, Steff Bomb, Nonesuch Garden, Sleepy King...the list goes on and on.  :-)

Today I'm going to share a couple new favorites that I recently discovered.

Monsters are my favorite of all the plushies!  I have so many monster designs in my head that I want to make!

I love this felt elephant!  The stitching is beautiful!

These sock plushies are really cute!

I think Needlings has the cutest owls on Etsy right now.  I love the amazing colors and the stitching is beautiful.

I could go on for days about plushies!  Be sure to visit my blog and my Etsy profile to see more of my favorites.  The list seems to grow every day.  You can find my own designs on the blog or at Dreaming in Craft.  I am constantly adding to the shop so be sure to check back often!  ;-)

What is your craft obsession?
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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE that elephant!! So cute!!

  2. great post Marci!!! You are amazing!!

  3. awesome post Marci!!
    & I have a crush on this needlings owl!


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