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Socks Appeal craft book review + guest post from Dom

Hello Punk Project readers!

I am Dom from Crafted

As anyone who knows me out of the land of the internet will agree, I have an addiction...

I just can't stop! I love them! Although I am not easy to please... its gotta be a good one. I have high standards...
For anyone who has not read my last book review I will go over how I do things... 
There are a few things I look for in a craft book and I use these as topics for a point system. Although I must warn you they will all score pretty well because I like them enough to have used my hard earned money to get a copy for myself. I am a graphic designer so I definitely judge a book by its cover. :) I will also give you general info on the content of course! 


oh my gosh...
I don't know just where to start! I love this book so much. 
I really think it is my favourite of all my crafty books.
Socks appeal is all about making great little creatures out of socks! Yes socks! so great!
love the cheeky title ;)
and the fact that my eyes match the little guy on the cover. :)

Cover design: 10/10
LOVE IT! Simple, clean and so freakin adorable!! I also love the feel of the matt laminate on the cover. sooo good. :) As soon as I saw it I fell in love. :)

Layout design: 7/10
It's ok. Clean, simple again just like the cover. Nothing to fancy but the images speak for themselves really...

Pictures: 10/10
The pictures are great. Good step by step pics to go with the instructions as well as beautiful photography of the finished projects.

Project idea greatness: 9/10
Wow. Just wow. The personality oozing out of these gorgeous little sock creatures is just incredible! 

Clear instructions: 8/10
I have not made any of the little guys from the book yet but the instructions seem quite clear with good process pictures.

Total crafted score: 88/100

Brenna Maloney is a very clever lady and a great writer.
The intro of the book goes through sewing tips, things you might need for the projects as well as a whole double page spread showing you different types of stocks you can use!
Favourite quote from the intro 
"I would discorage you from wearing socks at all. Why would you waste a perfectly good pair of socks on your feet when you could turn that pair into something much more interesting?"
This is my kinda lady. :)

The projects in this book, as I said before, just ooze personality! They are amazing. So darn cute! I wont show you the instructions because that will probably get me in trouble... I think the pics speak for themselves...

**All images are from Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney**

Well guys I hope you enjoyed my review! 
When you get a chance pop on over to my blog. :)
I'm not going to lie, it's pretty awesome... :)

Thanks Katie for letting me feed my craft book obsession on your wonderful blog. :)


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  1. Eep! Those are adorable! I just ordered the book from the library. :)

  2. Woah, this is being added to my Amazon wishlist! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great! You will totally love it!

    Thanks for putting up my post Katie. :)

  4. I have made two of the little critters from that book and they were pretty easy. The snake and the owl. I made 18 snakes and 22 owls. Yes, I have pics if ya want them.

  5. great post , I have to check it out :)


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