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Make it Monday

How was your weekend? Go anywhere? Make anything? My Mom, Sister and I took a girls road trip to Missouri to go shopping at Red Velvet Art (I will post pics soon!) and then we drove  over to Arkansas to visit one of my moms friends before heading back to Texas! It was pretty awesome. :)
Anyway, Here's todays round up of cuteness...

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  1. Love the Pantone magnets! So many awesome Pantone chip crafts out there. Hmm... I feel a blog post idea coming up... :)

  2. I like the lace earring holder - just too CUTE! I went to a surprise party for a good friend and made her a scrapbook out of my daughters old blue jeans - she loved it - what a relief!

  3. Huzzah! I went to Missouri last weekend with my entire family (no small feat when you have 4 siblings) and it was pretty neat. Lace earring holder=favorite.

  4. Red Velvet?! Aaaahhhhh! Jealous! Can't wait to see pics! Did you get to see Elsie, Jeremy and Emma?



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