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Guest Post w/ Campfire Kam

Hi! I'm Kam from Campfire Chic. I'm excited to be guest posting on Punk Projects today! Katie has done guest posts on my blog in the past, and I'm happy to return the favor :)

While not everybody can be as crafty as Katie, it is always nice to create something with one's own hands. I love crafting and sometimes find myself wishing I had all the supplies in one spot so I could pick up the craft and create something! I am also not a big fan of taking a craft class, I prefer to learn things on my own, or to buy a kit that will walk me through the process without needing to interact with other people (homebody, much?)

With that, I present you with several craft kits that will hopefully inspire you to take up a new craft hobby, or to try a new style of a craft you've already learned.

One thing at which Katie seriously excels is scrapbooking! It may sound daunting to create your first scrapbook or mini-album. A scrapbook kit, like the one above, is a great way to dive into this craft! Look for a kit that comes with directions, they will help you get started and you don't need to follow it to a T :)

A hot trend right now are terrariums! I know I'm looking to make my own once the weather improves a bit and I can get my hands on the perfect glass bowl. On the other hand, I could save the trouble and have somebody send me a DIY kit! This craft is perfect as a housewarming gift, as an addition to your desk, and can snazz up your table at the local craft fair :)

If you're learning to use your sewing machine, maybe you're taking Home Ec, buying kits online is a great way to expand your skills and bring more handmade items into your home or craft space :) This bunting kit looks gorgeous and reminds me of hiking through ferns on a shaded trail.

And finally, for the days when snow or rain keeps you indoors:
I taught myself to cross-stitch a little over a year ago. I did it with the help of a digital kit, but I think if I saw this kit when I was learning I would've jumped on it! Cross-stitching adds a little coziness to a home and doesn't have to be boring. I also like to buy local, and this seller is located in the Los Angeles area :)

Thank you, Katie, for allowing me to take over your blog today :)

What crafts would you like to try?
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  1. Kam, that's a seriously awesome post! How interesting!

  2. Awesome post. I am excited to start cross stitchin' and I really like the DIY bunting kit. Way cool.


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