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These are the voyages.. of my new laptop computer

[insert star trek theme music here, :) ]
My old laptop was 3 yrs old and kept locking up, and just wasn't working right, so my awesome parents got me a new computer! [thanks!] and because I am a geek, I named it 'Voyager' and made a star trek themed laptop cozy for it!
On one side I ironed on a picture of The Original Series crew, and on the other side I added a pocket and appliqued the Enterprise onto it!
I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
[p.s. I'll be posting a fun spring themed tutorial tomorrow!]
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  1. Your laptop has a very stylish home. Love it!

  2. Haha that Enterprise is awesome ;)

    Girl, 76 degrees is DEFINITELY like Springtime...actually, that's like a balmy summer day here! Crazy Texas weather! :-D

  3. I love the applique!!! Great job! Are you going to be selling laptop cases?

  4. awesome!!!!!
    I don't have a laptop, but I do have a nook reader.....

  5. Aaaaaahhh! You are too much! I love it, girl! I need a Gilmore Girls one! lol!



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