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Guest Post with Maryam from Pamplemousse 1983

Hello Punk Project readers!  My name is Maryam and I blog over on Pamplemousse1983.  I'd like to share a little tutorial on making a decorative silhouette piece to hang on your wall.  First of all, we'll need our supplies:
  • Gel Medium (You can find it at your craft store with the gesso and paints)
  • A printed image (I've heard not to use inkjet and I've heard not to use laser jet...I used my inkjet printer and it works just fine so I would suggest you experiment first before you try this on a piece you really love :)
  • A paintbrush
  • Fabric
  • A spoon
  • Acrylic paint (optional)

We start off by brushing the gel medium all over your image.  I find that if you brush it on too thin it won't transfer well so I like to brush it on a bit thicker.
Place the image face down on the fabric you'd like the transfer to end up on.

Using the spoon, rub the back of the paper firmly.  Don't press too hard with the side of the spoon as the paper will rip.

Once you are done burnishing you can peel a corner to make sure the image has transferred.  Let the paper dry on the fabric before peeling it all off.

After peeling all the fabric off, you'll probably have some spots where the paper is still stuck on the fabric.


Run the fabric under water while rubbing the remaining paper in a circular manner.  The paper will come right off leaving the image in tact.  The fabric will feel a bit stiffer where the gel medium was but you shouldn't be able to see a difference.

Let the fabric dry and if your image came out well and you are happy with the result you can put the fabric in an embroidery hoop or frame it and hang it on your wall!

Now, if you run into complications like I did and lost a bit of your image you can do the following.  I used a bit of black acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water to go over the image.
I started to paint in the area that didn't transfer.  You do have to be careful since the fabric will soak up the paint and it will spread a bit.  You can use more paint than water for detailed areas as it won't spread as much.
I ended up painting over the whole head because you can see my printer is almost out of ink and I had those nasty lines through my silhouette.  All in all I think it look pretty good!

This technique also works to transfer onto paper and you can also use color images!  I would suggest giving the project a try because it's fairly simple and fun to do.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you try it out, please let me know!

Thanks Maryam for sponsoring my blog and guest blogging! I love this tutorial! -Katie
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  1. this is so cool! :) i want to give this a try now. i especially love the baby silhouette! too cute, thanks maryam and katie!

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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