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*I Heart You* Online Class

Punk Projects is pleased to announce a free online mini-class! "I Heart You" is a fun, 5-day online DIY class with 5 really cute step-by-step unique projects. We'll be using papercrafting, sculpting, altering, sewing, and other cool crafting techniques. We'd love for you to join us, and don't forget- it's FREE!

If you haven't taken a PunkProjects class before, please join us for a week of adorable Valentine's crafts. This class is set up similar to our standard 3-week art/DIY classes, so this will give you a small taste of the cool things we do in our classes.

All our classes, including this one, are hosted on their own private blog, so projects are open ONLY to students. The only people who have access to the class are students and instructors. The "I Heart You" online mini-class runs February 9th-13th.
We at PunkProjects work very hard to bring amazing and unique projects to our classes, so we ask that you do not copy our work, and please do not sell it. You may post pictures of your projects in your own blog/flickr, but you must give credit back to

As always, all of our classes include inspirational posts, giveaways, and free downloads, so please join us for a fun and inspiring 5-day class! All you have to do to sign up is email Katie, or leave your email in a comment below!
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  1. Katie, I'm sooooo excited! Deck the Halls was fabulous! I was so inspired and had a blast! Sign me up for this one, please! Thank you for being you generous with your talents - I love the price tag on this class! lol! You're a doll!


  2. Oh, sounds like fun! I'd love to join!

  3. Looks like fun! I'd like to join in on it! :)

    rosalindrevival (at)

  4. I would love to join!

  5. I want to join! :D

  6. Count me in!


  7. hi.
    my name is diana.
    i just found your blog.

    id love to join.

  8. i would like to join


    i love your blog its one of my favourites

  9. Yes, I too want to join in on the fun!!!

  10. I'd love to sign up!

  11. I would love to sign up for the class.
    excited and can't wait.

  12. This sounds like so much fun! I'd love to do it!

  13. Count me in!

  14. I would love to sign up!!

  15. i got your email and i got onto the blog but i tried again and it said
    Invitation no longer valid
    The invite link you tried has already been used. Please ask the Blog administrator to send you another invite.
    so i was wondering if i could get another invite


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