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Felt Mushrooms Tutorial

I whipped up these cute little mushrooms yesterday, They were inspired by MyPaperCrane's terrariums. Here's the tutorial!

Tools and Supplies:
Felt, Stuffing, Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine, Craft Wire, Card Board scraps.
1. Cut out 2 small circles. Decorate the top one if you wish, I added some white dots!
2. Add a little bit of stuffing and sew the 2 circles together.
3. Cut out a small rectangle of tan felt, Fold in half and sew up one side
4. Flip right side out, add some stuffing and a piece of craft wire (so your mushroom is bendable.)
5. glue or sew to the underside of you mushroom.
6. Add a face and make him a buddy!! :)
7. Cut a circle from cardboard and cover in brown felt. Add some "grass" around the edges using green felt.
8. Glue your mushrooms to the "dirt!"

Now you can have some cute little shrooms hanging out on your desk!
Make these? I would love to see pictures! xo, Katie
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  1. they are just so freakin adorable!

  2. wow!! These are awesome!!! So talented lil one!!

  3. I've been needing a couple of new pin cushions and now I know how they're going to look. Thank you for the tute and the ideas! Instead of stuffing them with fiber fill, I'm going to use old wool and/or wool roving. This will help keep my pins slick and clean.


  4. Just Made One ... There Just Adorable <3


  5. Yay!! I would love to see them! :)


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