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Coloring Book Pages to awesome paintings

This is what I've been doing all afternoon! Painting coloring book pages- Here's you a tutorial!
Supplies: Coloring book Page (I found the awesome star trek pages on google images) paint
1. paint in all the colored spots, leave the black. Try to color in the lines! (this was hard for me, haha j/k)
2. Using a small brush, paint over the black lines.
Now frame your cool paintings! These are really great  if you dont think you can paint, because the coloring book lines make it easy to paint!
Now I have James T. Kirk and Uhura to hang on our art wall! yay! :)
xo, Katie
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  1. Cool Beans! Gonna look for some coloring pages right now! I would never think to do rock!


  2. I love it!! This is a totally great idea. I must say, the original coloring book maker captured Shatner's expression perfectly.

    (Found your blog via Seeing Star Trek and the word "punk" on a pink background leads me to believe that we should be BFFs, because I spend like 95% of my day thinking about Star Trek and pink things and how I used to be punk but now I mostly work in an office and make craft projects out of paper clips.)

  3. I like this a lot - great idea! I wish I had the patience to paint, just takes me too long:-)

  4. On what kind of paper did you print the image from Google? What kind of paint did you use? These look very nice!

  5. Thanks! I just printed the pages onto cardstock, and used acrylic paint. Nothing fancy. :)


  6. Haha awesome! I'm going to be on the lookout for sweet coloring books now ;)

  7. thanks! you can also google fun coloring pages! :)


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