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January Sponsor spots

It's that time again, Sponsor spots for January are now available!
For $5 you can have your button/widget on my blog for the month of January, AND a feature post on my blog! Punk Projects gets over 7,000 hits a month, that is alot of traffic coming your way!
The newly improved punkprojects will include sponsor features each month, the popular Make-it Mondays DIY round-up, more papercrafting, sewing, and repurposing tutorials, and more inspiration!

I have started adding sponsers to raise money for an upcoming trip, that I'm super excited about!
As the trip gets closer we will be setting up a blog to keep everyone updated on our progress. We've set up a map with our route, and have been putting push pins where we are going. :) We are driving from TX to Maine, Riding our bikes from Maine to Key West, Florida, and then Driving back to TX.
So as some of you know, My family and I will be cycling the Atlantic coast from Bar Harbor, Maine to Key West, Florida in Sept 2011. We've named this trip "Clam Chowder to Key Lime Pie"

My mom, Taylor and I will also be making baby quilts, and crayon bags(cute quilted bags that will hold coloring books with slots for individual crayons) to raise money as well. IF You want a custom bag, We would be happy to do it.
The coloring book bags are $20 and make a great birthday or Christmas book for the young artist in your family! just email me. :)

I'm currently working on a new design for my blog, which will go up in January! :)
Hurry and Grab your spot today!!

xo, Katie
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  1. :) I love that you guys are saving up for a trip!! I hope you have the MOST fun!!! Love the name of your trip!!!!


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