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5 favorites

Only 12 days until Christmas. :) I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas songs with you guys..
Whats your favorite Christmas song?
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  1. I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra! I got to see their Christmas concert last much fun! & I love Bing Crosby too. ^^ It's hard to choose my favorite song, but I really love Elvis' version of Oh Come all ye Faithful.

  2. cute cute cute. I'd say grown up christmas list

  3. Great choices! I would never be able to pick. I'm terrible with lists because I always think of other things as soon as I finish and then I have to redo it or make it goes on and on. STRESS!!! But your list is great. Maybe I'll just borrow yours. ;)

  4. I love Carol of the Bells.. its my fave. I cant believe its only 12 days away!


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