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Download days! Free Mushroom Patterned Paper

Hi ya! I drew these totally retro patterned papers for you guys to download today! Okay, well thats not quite true. I drew them for my sister, Taylor, But I also decided to share them with you! I would love to see what you use them for!

 xo, Katie
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  1. The class looks sooooo cool! I was wondering if it would be ok to send a check to you? I don't have a PayPal account - my identity was stolen a few years back so I don't do any online ordering anymore (I know, it sucks!). Please let me know. Thanx!


  2. Hi Leslie, Yes, a check would be fine, I would just have to wait until I got your check to send you permission to get on the craft blog. Email me at so I can give you my address! and we can work out the info!
    I'm super excited for this class!



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