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Cute Ornament DIY +Trekking the Halls

I was making some Star Trek ornaments for our Star Trek Christmas tree (we had an extra smaller Christmas tree, so we decided to trek it out. haha)
anyway I decided to do a tutorial for you guys, Even if you don't like star trek, these ornaments would still be cute even without Spock & Kirk. You could put your own pictures in them.
Supplies: bottle caps & scrabble tiles, craft wire, pictures

1. Trace your bottle caps & scrabble tiles onto your pictures.
2. cute them out and glue to the inside of your bottle cap, or the top of your scrabble tile.

3. Make a loop of craft wire and glue it to the back of your ornament.
4. then simply attach to an ornament hanger & hang on your tree!!
Here's another neat idea for ornaments.
you need: contact paper, pictures, hole punch

1. Cut your pictures down.
2. "Laminate" them with contact paper.
3. Punch a hole in the top and attach on an ornament hanger!
then just hang up on your tree!
Also, You remember these guys? I set them up in tinsel. Its like a star trek nativity scene. :P

wow, that was a long post! :)
I would LOVE to see your version, send me a link if you do this!
xo, Katie
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  1. Ohhhh yes!!!! This is so awesome!!!! :) you did so good! Oh George I love you!! Lol! These tutorial is wonderful! Thanks foe sharing Katie!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!! <3 I love love lovveee this post!

  3. these are so awesome. as are the ST dolls. *swoon*
    do u sell them?

  4. Thanks Minnie! I havent sold any of my star trek dolls, But I would do so if you would like some!
    email me if you do.

    xo, Katie

  5. totally awesome. I have a trek diningroom extravaganza myself. Love the little ones in tinsel!!/video/video.php?v=106536849362022

  6. Love all things trek and you tree is fab!!
    Here's my trek and you should see what a friend made me...don't have it yet. A spock half eaten gingerbread man ornament! it totally rocks it!!!/video/video.php?v=106536849362022

  7. sorry did see the approval thing oops on the double

  8. I featured your ornaments!

  9. These are really cool! I would love for you to link up on my blog:

  10. I have posted your photo ornament link on my site. If you would like to link back it would help both our sites. Please let me know if that's okay. Thanks, Noreen.

  11. I have posted your photo ornament link on my site. I would love to have you link back to me. Thanks, Noreen.

  12. lovely and very punkish! cheers from an italian veggie <3


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