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Tie*Dye Inspired Card tutorial

so, Lately Lauren over at The Perfect Pear has been talking alot about tie*dye.. Which got me in the mood to do something with cool with tie*dye! and this is what happened: A pretty tie*dye card!
Supplies: White Card, A peice of Plastic (ziplocks work) Sharpies, and Misc Embellies.

1. Cut a rectangle the size of your card from your plastic and color all over it with your sharpies! Just have fun! I did! Lots of fun. :)
2. Glue it to the front of your card. 
3. Add your embellishments! I added this cute cute Hippie tooth!
I would love to see your version if you do this! If you email me a picture of your card, It might just get featured on my blog! :)

(Another fun thing to do with your colored ziplock: Hold it up to your camera and take pictures...

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  1. oh I am so happt someone is doing tie-dye! I love this card! and all your cards :)

  2. these cards are so cute! i love the tooth :) my sister is in dental school and i've never given so many teeth presents [not real teeth! haha].


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