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Make it Monday

Hey Guys! It's lovely here today! Very... Autumn like. :)
Please go vote for my upcycled bike ring picture frames in Creating Keepsakes contest! You have until Oct. 8th to vote as much as you like, and It would make my day!
and, here are your links for todays Make it Monday! Enjoy!

Make a cover for your notebook with this neat Tutorial from Lune Vintage!
and make this 5 minute to*do list! I love graph paper. :)


Have a tutorial you would like to see in the next make it monday? email me the link
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  1. Thanks so much for including my book art tutorial in this roundup. Great projects to discover!

  2. Hi Katie! I feel happy to have inspired you with my autumn wreath, thanxx for also sharing it on your blog :)

    Vera (birdsofafeather)

  3. Thanks for putting my tutorial up there! :)
    I saw this and thought of you :P


  4. Neat tutorial links! I had seen that book wall before - what a great idea!

    And thanks for commenting on my quote cards and asking about Wacom Tablets. I actually don't have one (yet), but it's on my wish list! I love to use Adobe Illustrator for drawing (that's what I use for my hand drawn brushes, etc.). I'm pretty sure you can get a free trial version on the Adobe website - you might enjoy playing around with it!


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