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Guest Blog! with The Perfect Pear

Greetings Earthlings! Its me Lauren, from the Perfect Pear! So by now I'm sure you've seen a few of my DIY's, Katie's awesome! We thought it would be fun to swap blogs for a day. I'm taking over! No, I'm just going to share with you a DIY (my specialty, haha)
Some pretty laminated type leave/feather earrings! :) 
You will need: Scissors, A pen, Chain, Clear tape or a laminate, earring hooks, a needle, jump rings and some jewelry supplies as well as a pretty pattern with pattern on both sides of paper, which I got off of flickr, right here
1: Start by cutting your shapes, I just did a basic leaf shape, very simple!
2: After you've cut out your leaves tape both sides, I did a hot dog style fold with the tape :)
3: Cut off all the excess tape, leaving a plastic edge (this is totally optional)
4: Next you want to make a hole with your needle large enough to get your jump ring through it!
5: Cut your chain to desired length. Attach leaves with jump rings starting at the bottom, skipping one link and adding another leaf. Let me know if those instructions are unclear, leave a comment!
6: Attach your earrings hooks to the other end of the chain!
And there you go! Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Follow both Katie and Me! :)

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