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10 random things about me

so, Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess did a 10 funny habits post, and I decided to do one too, except instead of funny habits, just 10 random things about me. :)

1. I like to ride my bike out in the middle of nowhere.
2.  I like bad weather. I've only seen the movie Twister and The Day After Tomorrow about a gazillion times. :)
3. I ride a unicycle.
4. I am a nerd. I love star trek. 

5.  I love to organize things by color. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

6. Taylor and I have dressed up like Lucy and Ethel, on more than one occasion.

7. I really want a dachshund. they are so freaking cute.

8.  I don't like to talk on the phone. Just text. :)

9.  I've been called a pyromaniac. I just happen to like setting things on fire! :) haha
10.  I don't watch TV.
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  1. I've never seen that first pic before. I like it.

  2. You had me until #10...seriously...I love to text!

  3. Haha! #10 is true! I grew up not watching TV, and now I just am not interested. I do watch movies though. I love texting too


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