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Eraser Stamp Tutorial!

Here is a quick tute Taylor and I whipped up for you guys: Carving stamps out of pretty eraser!

Supplies: Patterned erasers, Craft knife, Ink

1. Find an eraser with a good pattern ( I used the cutest little heart erasers. )

2. Cut out the pattern, for this heart, I only cut out the colored zebra stripes and left the rest of the heart.

3. Stamp into ink, and onto paper! Look at the pretty zebra stripes! You should now have an awesome new stamp! :)

Here are some of the other I did, stripes, a heart withen a heart, and the letters XO! :)

I hope you like this tutorial, Please send me a link to pictures of your version if you do this! I would really love to see!
(also, if anyone knows how to fix my sidebar-which seems to have fallen to the bottom of my blog- please let me know! thanks!)
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  1. what a cute idea!!
    Also, I have troubles viewing your blog! When I go to it directly I can't see anything but the Spock Quotes - but if I click the link for the specific post from my RSS reader I can get to it. very strange!!!

  2. Good idea. thanks

    Val (Brazil)


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