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Autumn Flower Bouquet Tutorial

I whipped up this little bouquet of flowers yesterday, and thought I would share the tutorial with you. :)

Supplies: pretty paper ( I used some scrapbook paper, vintage sewing patterns, old book pages, etc) Glue, and Craft Wire.

Flower #1

Cut 6 petals out of your paper. Glue all the tips together.
Also, cut out a small circle to glue in the middle.

Flower #2

Cut a circle from your paper about a 5" circle.) and cut it into a swirl.
Starting at the bottom, roll it up into a rose shape. Put a dot of glue in the bottom so that it doesn't unroll.

Flower #3

Take a strip of paper (about 1" wide) and fold it back and forth like a fan. Once you have it all folded, Glue the 2 ends together. Make a second smaller flower, and Glue it ontop.

Flower #4
Cut out 3 different size flowers shapes from your paper, layer them, and glue them to each other. Also cut out a small circle for the middle, and glue it on.

Flower #5

Start by cutting out a simple flower shape. (with skinny petals.) Pinch the bottom so the petals are pointing up, and then roll down the Petals. I put a dot of glue on the bottom to make sure it stays pinched.

The Stem:

Bend your craft wire into a stem, and glue your flowers to it.
And put into a vase!
Mine are currently on my craft desk.I would love to see pictures of your fall bouquet if you have made one!
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  1. hey this is pretty adorable. Such a great Idea.
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine blog award. Go check it out!

  2. Those are awesome! The one made from a map is my personal favorite.

  3. These are lovely! I really like your vase, did you make that too? I'd love to share this tutorial with my readers as well if that is ok with you.

  4. Yes, I made the vase by wrapping tree bark around a jar, and adding a dew other embellishments!
    Go right ahead, I totally don't mind. :)



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