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Pretty Colored Tape DIY

Hey! Here is a cute little tutorial I whipped up this evening.. I love the look of washi tape (even tho I don't have any) so I decided to make my own version.. :)

Supplies: thin masking tape, markers/sharpies, parchment or wax paper.

1. lay out a strip of tape on the parchment paper.

2. Draw pretty patterns on your tape.

Fill in the rest of your tape.

Peel off your tape and decorate with it! It look great on envelopes, scrapbook layouts, etc!
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  1. uh yea this is pretty much my fav DIY ever. I am in love with washi tape and this is the perfect way to put my own "stamp or design" on some!! wooo!! thanks for sharing pretty girl!

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the "I heart your blog award" .Congratulations!

  3. This is cute, I had been drawing on tape with sharpie pens (the pens, not the markers!), but I hadn't made them all colourful like this!


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