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My dad's birthday :)

Today was my dads birthday (and I waited until yesterday to make my dads birthday present. lol) And this is the awesome gift I made him-- picture frames to put on his desk at work. made from old bike chain rings.

I really like how they turned out.
There was also cake Taylor made (which my dad cut into before I could take a picture.)

And we also went to the Museum of Science and History, which was fun. there was a cool display of these vintage cameras...

And this really awesome alphabet chair. That I had to get a picture of.

How was your day?
xo, Katie

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  1. I love that picture frame creative! I'm so over buying crap for people..(except for my girls of course...they'd think I was completely uncool if I didn't get them barbies)..I love so much more the thought and care that goes into something handmade. Soooo much better than just buying whatever at the store!! My parents and I aren't really emotionally close to each other...we rarely say "I love you" they are getting handwritten letters this year expressing all the things I don't say to them but they need to hear. <3


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