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Make it..... Tuesday?

Hello! I kind of missed yesterdays Make it Monday post... so, How about Make it Tuesday? :)

How cute are these yarn wrapped hangers? you can find the tutorial here.

these little chocolate softies are adorable! tute here

Go check out the tutorial for this knotted scarf made from a tshirt!

and you can find a tutorial for this little racoon softie here
and I think this pencil/supplies case is cute tute here.
Also, Go vote for Lauren (from the perfect pear) if she gets enough votes & wins, she is going to be having a giveaway on her blog, so go vote for her here, her picture is number 4!
Have a great day.
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  1. Katie, you seriously are the best! thank you so much for telling people about my photo challenge. Sadly I did win, but you rock!

    I love that knotted necklace. oh and the hangers!


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