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birthday present :)

so, even though my birthday is still 12 days away, I talked my parents into giving me my present early! guess what it is! A Wacom Bamboo Touch Pen Tablet.

squeeeee! I love it already. I have been drawing almost nonstop with it.

I drew this little owlet:

and here is a drawing of my great grandpa (based off a picture from the 1920's) that I did with an actual pencil & paper

and then using my new pen tablet, I digitally painted over it:

I'm off to go have more fun drawing. :) xo,


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  1. So fun! :) You are a great artist - I'm looking forward to see what else you draw with it! :)

  2. wow!!! that is an awesome drawing!! Kudos!! and awesome bday present too!! :)

  3. Oh I love it. I've always wanted a tablet! you can draw so great! its an awesome present Katie :)

  4. ello, beautiful! it looks like my print that you won in lindsay's giveaway will arrrive just in time for your birthday! yay!
    you're a fantastic artist. :)


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