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Free Mini Class!

Hey everyone, this weekend, I am teaching an impromptu mini class! Right here on my blog, please join me for a weekend of DIY art, inspiration and free goodies!

These projects are totally unique, the are not from any of my other classes. However, this mini class is meant to give you a preview of how my regular classes work. Our classes are completely work-at-your-own pace, have lots of detailed instructions, are chock full of inspiration and are so much fun!

My next class, Indie Harvest, runs September 1-22, with over 20 projects, bonuses, downloadable patterns, and more! Registration for this class opens on Aug 1st. For more info on Indie Harvest, click HERE, or just ask me!

Here's an idea of what this weekend's mini class will be...

  • Project #1 Sewing Machine Mat with pincushion

  • Artful Inspiration

  • Project #2 Mixed Media Shadow Box

  • Mini-Class Giveaway

  • Project #3 On-the-go Crafting Case

  • Q & A about classes, art, and inspiration

  • Registration for Indie Harvest opens!

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