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Who wants to win?

you do? I knew it!

I've gone through alot of my books recently and am selling a whole bunch to the used book store this evening, but I pulled these 3 out, because I thought, Hey, why not give these away?
also included is a handmade ring(by me) and a cute little feltie handmade by Jolie.

So if you want to enter, simply comment on this post,

*1 extra entry if you are a follower,
*and 1 extra entry if you blog about this giveaway, leave a link please.

please comment for every extra entry.

the giveaway ends Sunday the 20th. so you have a whole week to enter! tell your friends!

xoxo, Katie
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  1. Yeah we can comment! I'm a follower and love to wing things ;) Thanks for the opportunity for goodies!!!!

  2. Yay! I'm a follower! I hope I am not yet too late. :)


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