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Make it monday!

Wow, so I think this might be my longest make it monday post ever, but I'm okay with that. lol. :)

cut out and keep user Aiwa has a tutorial for this cute cute cute toast keychain! I love anything with toast. :)

Happy together has a tute for these lovely earrings!

and these cute ribbon scrap bracelets!

Over at the birds of a feather blog you can find a tute for making lemon slice canes. which is really helpful for me, because my canes never work so great. lol.

Annekata has a tutorial for making you own fabric tape! I think I want to try this!

Also on the birds of a feather blog is this tutorial for making your own jar lantern!

Which Name? has a tute for this super cute stitched notebook!

And if your getting things ready for fathers day, Tiepedia has alot of links for some amazing tie cakes!

I am going to be posting a tute soon for some cute recycled earrings!
xoxo, Katie
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  1. Wow they all look great! Thanks for sharing! Love the toast keychain and fabric tape, going to check them out right now!


  2. i'm glad you like it so much! thanxx for posting :)

  3. thanks for the links! I am going to check out that fabric tape!

    I added your button


  4. very cute DIY's!! Of course the toast keychain and fabric tape caught my eye. You know how I love my tape! lol


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