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Featuring YOU *Roxy*

Hey! Today I'm featuring Roxy from grrfeisty! Be sure to check her blog, shes too funny. :)

Whats your name? Tell us a little about you!
Hi! My name is Roxy. I am of Cuban descent and speak fluent Spanish. I teach math by day in Houston, TX and stitch and sew somewhere between :)
I live in a house with 3 dogs and a boyfriend :D

Do you have a blog or etsy shop?
Why yes, I do!
blog addy:
etsy addy:

Do you like to craft? whats your favorite type of crafting?
I love crafting! My favorite involves cutting feisty things and shapes from felt and stitching them together into headbands and brooches :)

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I am actually taking a mini break at the moment. I spent a couple weeks getting crazy prepared for a show that was rained out :*(

What are some hobbies you like besides crafting?
I looooove to travel and get pretty antsy if I'm in one place too long! Rollerblading with my 3 dogs is also an interest of mine. And of course, photography!

Where are 3 places you wish you could go?
Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

What are 5 of your favorite blogs/websites? Where do you go for inspiration?
I recently fell in love with Pamela Michelle's work after making a couple purchases at her Renegade Handmade Austin booth!
I check Leigh-Ann's blog pretty often! She is sooooo sweet :) you can just tell!
Others include
for more photography inspiration i definitely check out keiko's blog

Ideas tend to pop into my head when I am driving around [listening to music...] all by myself!
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