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Featuring YOU! *Miranda*

Meet Miranda! She actually just started her blog not that long ago, so go check it out! :)

Whats your name? Tell us a little about you!
I'm Miranda! Well... hmm. I'm in college taking a little bit of everything (particularly library studies). I'm all about humanitarianism and making things out of nothing.

Do you have a blog or etsy shop?
I do! I started my blog - - a few months ago, but I didn't start it full force until this past week or two.

Do you like to craft? whats your favorite type of crafting?
I've been crafting for a while. I usually sew - and everything I make is out of old stuff! I scour thrift shops for goodies as often as possible and gather all the good stuff- when it comes to clothing, I usually go for things decades old, but I don't limit myself. All the fun in my life comes from recreating clothing!

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
Yes I am... Soon, I'll be featuring an underwear making tutorial on my blog (a pattern that I made myself). I'll also be reupholstering my desk chair, making a bedsheet, and starting on a nice summer wardrobe (summer in California? I hate it!).

What are some hobbies you like besides crafting?
Between school and crafting, I don't have a lot of time that isn't spent with my guy and my dogs. I'm trying to work out some new hobbies like gardening!

Where are 3 places you wish you could go?
Call me crazy, but if I went on a vacation, I would be going to help in some kind of effort to make life better for those in an area wrought with disaster or poverty. The world experience and the positive results that would come from my stay would feel better to me than relaxing and sight-seeing.

What are 5 of your favorite blogs/websites? Where do you go for inspiration?

5 favourite, that's hard. I have hundreds of sites in my RSS feeds. is great because they feature tutorials on hundreds of different sites and it's not exclusive. is clean and fun, I never get bored at, is a great community. is a new favourite and definitely an inspiration.
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