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Featuring YOU! *Crystal*

Whats your name? Tell us a little about you!
My name is Crystal, but I go by CAPow! which happens to be my first and middle initial and the first 3 letters of my last name smushed together. I have lived in Boston and Brooklyn, but currently live in upstate NY with my amazing boyfriend m, and our two cats styles and miyagi.

Do you have a blog or etsy shop?
I have a blog AND an etsy shop! you can find my blog at and my etsy shop is

Do you like to craft? whats your favorite type of crafting?
I LOVE to craft, and have often been called a "grandma" because of it. I can sew, but I love to crochet. I recently made a granny square afghan that my bf makes fun of, saying that it's a "grandma blanket."

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
Right now my main project is a Babette blanket that I'm crocheting. my boyfriend helped me pick out the colors!

What are some hobbies you like besides crafting?
Photography is my main love, I also really enjoy baking, but don't do too much of it because we are trying to be more healthy. Other than that, I'd say my other big hobby is exercise. Right now my boyfriend and I are in the midst of the Insanity workout, and it's kicking our butts!

Where are 3 places you wish you could go?
I would love to go to San Francisco, any island in the Caribbean, and Italy

What are 5 of your favorite blogs/websites? Where do you go for inspiration?
my favorite blogs are:

I follow literally HUNDREDS of blogs that I look to for inspiration, but those are 5 that I read religiously!
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