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Creatively Canvas mini album

This was one of the classes I took at the Great American Scrabook Convention. I loved this class, our teacher, Staci Etheridge, was an awesome teacher, she was too funny. ;)

I learned lots of new techniques, like watering down my acrylic paints, which might be my new fave technique to do. :) anyway, here are the pictures of my mini album!

The front: I added some pom*poms I made.

and I might go back and add something to these last 2 pages, since they dont really have any words yet. I don't know, We'll see.
xoxo, Katie
(p.s. I think I will do a giveaway soon, what do you think?)
(p.p.s. here is another think I have been working on. I will share more pics soon.)
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  1. I must say I adore this little album! Especially the pom poms. I'm such a sucker for anything with pom poms on them!


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