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melted army men

My craft room is finally all put together again(well, for the most part) which means I can finally start doing some real crafts again. ;)
like this cool little saucer...

made from plastic army men. I saw this in a craft book one time, and wanted to do it, but just now got around to it. ;)

Here's the army before I melted them... I set them all up on my desk, lol, I had fun.

I was originally going to make a bowl from army men, but I didnt have enough of them. oh well,I like it. Have you ever melted anything cool and turned it into something?

xoxo, Katie
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  1. This is the coolest thing ever, I am in love! I wish I had thought of it. Neglecting my army men by melting them would be much nicer than neglecting them by leaving them in a drawer.

  2. wow very creative!!!! I know I have some army men lieing around here somehwere!!!

  3. That is so cool! I'm going to have to try to make one of those, too! Fun! :)

  4. I literally just said Oh my god out loud ;)
    I want to make this!!! Very cool!
    When I try to melt stuff it is normally then ruined lol

  5. Hi, I just found your blog and it's very cool :D
    I really love this - I'd love to make a fruit bowl like it, lol :)


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