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Renegade Austin + meeting Elsie

Heres how my weekend went:
on Friday morning we took all of Taylor's stuff down a flight of stairs and loaded it into a uhaul. Then we left around 1 pm, drove back to Texas, got home around 10 am Sat morning, changed clothes, got back in the car, drove the 3 hours to Austin and went to Renegade!
I got to meet Elsie, She was so sweet, and I *LOVE* her art.
I got this amazing print to hang on my craft wall
There were a ton of other amazing artists too! so glad I got to go.
oh, and then this morning we unloaded the uhaul. lol!
xoxo, Katie
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  1. I was there too today!!! It was WAY fun!!!

  2. Aw that sounds like so much fun! I love the print Elsie made! ADORABLE!

  3. how awesome you got to meet Elsie!! One of these days I will too.

    Love your print you got!

  4. thats soo awesome!! :) congrats on the new painting.

  5. so glad you enjoyed it. Even if we were close to being zombies by the time we got home.


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